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US Express is a company founded in 1993, it is specialized in its segment of operation, whose main goal is to exceed the customer expectations and develop an integrated logistics. Through a network of exclusive agents spread across all continents, US Express provides the customer the opportunity to work with the best international logistics companies specially selected and committed to perform logistics services in the air and maritime import and export segments.

Reliability and quality for your transport

Exclusivity, commitment, representativeness, security and agility are the guidelines that make US Express your best choice and that your delivery is carried out successfully, always aligned with the needs of each particularity.



Air transport is an agile modality and recommended for high added-value goods, small volumes and urgent orders. It is the transport that most contributes to the reduction of time-distance.


Maritime transport represents practically all transport services in foreign trade. Its use in international transport currently accounts for 90% of cargo.

Works of Art

This business area is exclusively dedicated to the movement of works of art, ensuring all the organization, logistics and packaging operations necessary for their handling, transport and exhibition.


The transport of pets requires a series of precautions regarding acclimatization system, suitable food, preparation of the internal space, and others.


Its purpose is to verify the accuracy of the documents regarding the data declared by the exporter or importer in relation to the exported or imported goods, according to the legislation.


The cargo, in the “door to door” process, is collected at the shipper’s door and delivered to the buyer’s door (door to door). It makes reference to all the logistics (hiring freight, insurance, among others).

Internacional Moving

This modality is suitable for those who want to move to another country, face new challenges, new realities and the assurance of moving within the agreed deadlines, with quality and without problems.


Solutions tailored to your needs.

Over 25 years
of Experience!

Applying the best practices in the market for the development of customized projects.

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